6 questions we have after watching the first 'Frozen 2' teaser trailer

6 questions we have after watching the first 'Frozen 2' teaser trailer
Wed, 13 Feb 2019 12:19:16 -0500

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Disney released the first teaser trailer for "Frozen 2" Wednesday, which will be in theaters November. We have a few questions about why Elsa is trying so desperately to cross the ocean waves and who the new mystery characters may be.

Disney released the first teaser trailer for "Frozen 2" and it left us with more questions than answers. 

While the two-minute trailer shows Anna and Elsa sporting new looks and ditching dresses for pants, it also has us wondering why Elsa is so desperate to navigate raging ocean waters. And who are the new characters briefly teased? 

If you haven't watched the teaser trailer yet, watch that here first. All good? "Frozen 2" won't be in theaters until November 22, 2019, so let's get into breaking down the trailer.

Why is Elsa trying to brave the rough ocean waters? Disney

Instantly, the first thing that came to mind is that she's trying to get some clarity on what happened to her parents. In the first film, we learn Anna and Elsa's parents sailed away for an important meeting never to return home. They're assumed to be dead, but there's a chance they could be out there. Maybe Elsa is searching for clues?

How did Disney make this ocean water look so realistic? Disney Animation

When the teaser footage first started, you may have thought you were watching a live-action shot with an animated version of Elsa planted into the scene. As the scene played on, it was easier to see that those waves were indeed animated, but they looked incredibly realistic. 

Usually Disney and Pixar use their short films to test out items they want to use in larger features. The only short that came to mind while watching this is 2016's excellent "Piper," in which Disney/Pixar worked three years to get billions of sand pebbles and the ocean just right.


Why does Kristoff have a herd of reindeer? Disney Animation

Maybe Kristoff's ice business really took off. More importantly, maybe it means we'll see his reindeer Sven have a new friend.

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