Is it worth joining Accenture, Good or bad for fresher and experienced

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Is it worth joining Accenture, Good or bad for fresher and experienced
Sat, 05 Jan 2019 16:00:04 +0000
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Is it worth joining Accenture Pros and Cons, review and details
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Hello everyone, Welcome to CareerSwami!
We are here to do an indepth review of Accenture.
Intended audience are the people associated or may associate with Accenture in future or those who are interested to learn about the company.
We will Accenture and name significance, History, Market Cap, Employee diversification, services and operations and kind of projects in Accenture.
This is the first video in Accenture series, Next video’s will be on ratings and reviews, advice on whether freshers and experienced people should join Accenture and a comparison video.
Accenture is a global management consulting and professional services firm that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services
• It’s Fortune global 500 company with Revenues in 2018 of 41 B USD
• Accenture has very prestigious Clients
• 95 of the Fortune Global 100 are Accenture’s clients
• Also, 400 of Fortune Global 500 work with Accenture

What does Accenture name mean?
Many people work in the companies from long without knowing the meaning of the name.
So, How did Accenture got its name what does it mean? Any guesses? Let’s find out
The word "Accenture" is derived from "Accent on the future". The name "Accenture" was submitted by Kim Petersen, a Danish employee from the company's Norway office, as a result of an internal competition

* What is Accenture
* What does accenture name mean
* History
* Employees , Women Employees
* Market Capitalization
* Locations
* Key people - Pierre Nanterme, Jo Deblaere
* Attrition
* Services and Operations
* Kind of projects

Service and Operations
Accenture Strategy
Accenture Consulting
Accenture Digital
Accenture Technology
Accenture Operations

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Is it worth joining Accenture Pros and Cons, review and details

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