US senators say the Pentagon's budget plan would use a 'slush fund' for Trump's border wall

Trump border wall prototypesKevin Lamarque/Reuters

  • Democratic senators criticized Pentagon leaders over White House plans to circumvent Congress in search of funds for a border wall.
  • The Trump administration plan would purportedly use money in the Pentagon's "Overseas Contingency Operations" fund to pay for the wall.
  • The OCO, as the account is known, has been called a "slush fund."

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic US senators berated top Defense Department officials on Thursday over the Trump administration's plan to sidestep Congress by using money intended for ongoing wars to finance the president's long-desired border wall with Mexico.

In the budget plan sent to Capitol Hill on Monday, President Donald Trump proposed adding some $100 billion dollars to a "slush fund" set aside for what the Pentagon calls "Overseas Contingency Operations" (OCO).

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