New Mothers Guide: The Fourth Trimester Care

What is the fourth trimester of pregnancy and why is it so important to understand for new mothers?

Health professionals and new mothers alike are starting to emphasize the importance of this time period, and for good reason too. Here we’ll discuss the fourth trimester as it relates to nutrition and the many other facets of your life.

From the day you find out you’re pregnant to the moment your water breaks, all of your time and energy is put into the safe arrival of your new child. What you eat, how you move and even the planning of the nursery, it’s all baby-centered.

It makes sense, right? You want to ensure the healthiest pregnancy possible, so you do everything in your power to make sure that happens. But what about after the baby is born? Don’t we want to ensure that the baby is cared for in the best way possible? In order for all of this to happen, the mother’s physical and mental health needs to be taken care of as well.

Historically speaking, this is the piece we so often unintentionally neglect.

What Is The Fourth Trimester?

The fourth trimester of pregnancy is the transitional, postpartum period after the baby is born, specifically the three months following birth. This is a big transition period for both the mother and the baby.

In some respects, both the mother and the baby are learning how to live daily life in a completely new way. For the baby, this means

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