TFI Friday! How To Enjoy Your Weekend On A Total Meal Replacement Diet

Yay! It’s Friday! The weekend has arrived and all is good in the world! Is this how you feel on your total meal replacement diet, or do you feel the opposite? Here, we share some tips on how to start having fun at the weekends without food and drink.

The “Friday Feeling” can be emotional for many people on a Total Meal Replacement diet plan.

What does the Friday Feeling mean to you? Takeaway night? Bottle of wine on the sofa? Meal out with friends? Movie and munchies night? Going out clubbing? Going to the local pub?

If your Friday Feeling is associated to these types of “events” then Friday night can be especially hard for you if you are on a Total Meal Replacement Diet. It is really important that you realise that you can easily change how you feel.

“When you change the way you look at things, things change the way you look.”

If the weekend has arrived, then make your priorities things that will empower you to live a slim healthy peaceful lifestyle…

✓ Have a pamper night

✓ Get a new hairstyle on a Saturday

✓ Going window shopping for motivation

✓ Go shopping for accessories

✓ Go to the gym/exercise class /yoga class

✓ Go and visit a relative or friend who would really LOVE to see you

✓ Declutter your home

✓ Decorate a room in your home

✓ Get that report/project/business idea off the ground

✓ Do some work in

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