8 Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work For Everyone

Dieting, supplements, diet books and products are a multi-billion dollar industry. But does dieting work for everyone?

Have you tried a diet before? When we have new clients in our Wellness Coaching practice, our clients on average try three diets, plans, or trends prior to coming to see us for sustainable solutions. And they’re not alone! This is becoming increasingly more common with so much information on the internet, new trends, new diets, and new plans coming out weekly.

If this topic is interesting to you or a friend, be sure to share and read more about these 5 reasons why diets don’t work for everyone, why and how diets might work for some, and how to measure outcomes and results without traditional methods like the scale.

Have you thought about how many diets or plans you’ve tried in your lifetime — which ones were successful and sustainable for you?

Diets aren’t just tried by people who have a health condition or a condition that dictates weight-loss — diets don’t discriminate and they impact all walks of life. Despite the intention and purpose behind many diets being weight loss, most diets in the long-term actually lead to weight gain. There are many perspectives to look at when we chat about dieting.

What Is Dieting?

If we get technical about the word diet and take out any emotion related to it, it’s simply defined as the food and habits around food a person has. In our mainstream society, dieting has a

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