The T. Rex had the strongest bite of any land animal ever — and new research shows the dinosaur really could crush a car

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Illustration by Zhao Chuang/courtesy of PNSO The T. rex had the strongest bite of any land animal in Earth's history. Its toothy jaw delivered upwards of 7 tons of pressure when it chomped its…
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NASA turns 61 years old on October 1. The agency first opened its doors in 1958. In the last year, NASA has announced plans to return humans to the moon and search for life on one of Saturn's…
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Hackers stole information including names, delivery addresses, contact information, and some credit card information.
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The right applications can benefit both you and your customers.
Fast Company     •     September 27, 2019, 8:00 am
The first folding-display gadgets have plastic screens, which isn’t ideal. But Corning has been bending glass for years—and expects to have it ready for screens by 2021. In May 2018, I attended the…