We talked to the drag queen that confronted former Rep. Aaron Schock for his anti-LGBT votes. This is what she wants you to know.

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Jonnie Reinhart, Kris Conner/Getty Images Former Republican Rep. Aaron Schock has faced intense criticism in the last year over his appearances in LGBT spaces, such as gay bars, and situations, such…
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Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for #GettyGotMe The youngest millennials and Gen Z are divided by the fact that Gen Z does not remember 9/11, according to an expert on millennials. Millennials and Gen Z…
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In the wake of President Trump's proposed ban of flavored vaping products, the NCIA is fighting for cannabis regulation.
Fast Company     •     September 11, 2019, 3:13 pm
Startup Dagne Dover spent two years designing an affordable baby backpack parents will actually want. Here’s a riddle for you: The bag industry is bubbling over with brands and products. So why is…