How ColourPop makes its $5 crème eyeliners

Feedburner     •     October 30, 2019, 9:46 pm
ColourPop is known for its affordable makeup. The company can make 200 eyeliners in an hour. We got a peek behind the scenes to learn how ColourPop makes them. Visit INSIDER's homepage for more…
Feedburner     •     October 30, 2019, 9:46 pm
Defense Department The US military released video of the Special Forces raid against ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi on Saturday in northwestern Syria. No US soldiers were killed, but a military…
Entrepreneur     •     October 30, 2019, 9:15 pm
Elon Musk had a frenzied plan to merge Tesla and SolarCity, according to new documents.
Fast Company     •     October 30, 2019, 11:00 am
If you’re constantly living in crisis mode, you probably feel like your life is out of control. Here are some tips on how to change that. I’d really rather not count the number of times in my career…