60 Tips for Sustainable Living That You Start Practicing

Practicing sustainable living is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Our daily choices have a direct impact on Mother Nature and affect everything including the air we breathe, the water we drink and the foods we eat — all of which contribute to our wellbeing.

That’s why as a dietitian, I incorporate tips for living sustainably in as much as I can because I truly believe it plays a large role in our overall wellbeing.

Living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean you need to live one with nature in the middle of a forest. You can take small daily steps to support the harmony of our human impact on the environment no matter where you live.

Just as health is a daily practice, so are the practices that impact the health of Mother Nature. And trust me, they’re not as difficult or laborious as you may think!

Becoming more aware of the small actions you can take each day to positively support the earth and reduce the resources we use is key to living a more sustainable lifestyle.

My Journey to with Sustainable Living

I’m really excited to be finally sitting down to write more about this topic since my husband Jesse and I have embarked on a big lifestyle change for us this year. We’re building a home — one with Mother Nature — in the forest of TN to live the most sustainable lifestyle we possibly can in order to take care of our environment,

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