COVID-19 Nutritional Support Strategy: A Quick Guide For Staying Healthy

The COVID-19 pandemic has stopped our world like nothing else in most of our lifetimes. Only time will tell just how bad this disease is, as the numbers of cases and people who have died from it keep growing higher every day.

There are Six Quick Facts to Know:

If you have a chronic disease, you are much more susceptible to COVID-19. Even obesity increases the risk. Your immune system can defend you from COVID-19. You can be protected. A strong viral attack depletes the immune system. Getting enough vitamin C, D, selenium, glutathione, iodine and Silver Biotics will strengthen your defenses. A nebulizer can deliver natural immune boosters right to your lungs. Preparedness removes fear and panic. “Praise the Lord and pass the (immunity building) ammunition.” What to Eat? BarleyMax

BarleyMax is a great powdered food supplement that helps build healthy cells, eliminate toxins and fortify your immune system.
BarleyMax is 100% pure low-temperature dehydrated juice from organic barley grass and alfalfa.
After fresh vegetable juice, BarleyMax is simply one of the very best foods to support optimal health.

Prevention: Take 3 teaspoons of BarleyMax, mixed in water, juice or smoothie each day.
Active Infection: Double the usual amount. Take 6 teaspoons of BarleyMax throughout the day.

What to Eat? Vegetable Juice

Freshly extracted vegetable juice is the defining advantage of the Hallelujah Diet.
When you are sick, vegetable juice is very easy to digest and assimilate.
Your body can use its energy on

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